Faculty Q & A on Moodle 2

Below is an exchange with a faculty member and the Office of Moodle Support. Since some of our faculty users may have the same questions, we thought it would be appropriate to share the questions and responses. Some have been edited to increase clarity for our readers.

Faculty Question 1: In the new Moodle, I cannot find a function for managing participants. For instance, if I want to add a person as non-editing teacher, or students, what I have to do?

Moodle Support Response:  You can view two handouts in the “Learn How to Use Moodle 2″ link from the Moodle 2 front page. First, learn how to add the People block by viewing this resource (click here).  Second, learn how to manually add users to your course by viewing this resource (click here). You will be prompted to log into Moodle to access these resources and then should be directed to them if you are not already logged in.

Faculty Question 2: I also cannot find a function for “reports” where I investigate students’ activities online. In the old Moodle, I could check it by using “reports,” but in Moodle 2, there is no “reports” function.

Moodle Support Response: Please review this one page guide with screen shots on how to locate the Reports in Moodle 2 (click here). Reports remain a core feature in Moodle 2.; one just accesses them differently.

Faculty Question 3: I want more space in my grade book and to view submitted assignments. How can I increase the width on these pages?

Moodle Support Response: You have two basic options. First you can move all the items from your right column to your left column by turning editing on and moving each block with two clicks of the “crossbar” icon. If you want even more real estate for the middle column, then you should investigate the “Dock-A-Block” feature. You can view a .PDF handout on Docking a Block (click here) or watch a video about this feature (click here).

Faculty Question 4: I am having difficult setting up Q&A forums. I must be missing something… My students are NOT able to see the button to Add a New Question and neither can I when I look at the class as a student. Someone please tell me this is something simple that I am missing??

Faculty Response from the Office of Distance Learning’s LinkedIn Group Discussion on Moodle 2:

Here are the instructions for allowing a student to post a question in a forum:

  • Permission for Students to Post a Question in a Q & A Forum:
  • Turn editing on
  • Click on Q & A Forum
  • Settings
  • Forum Administration
  • Click on Permissions
  • Advanced role Override…Choose: Click on drop down arrow
  • Click on Student
  • Activity forum
  • Add Question
  • Click on Allow
  • Save Changes

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