I Migrated My Courses to Moodle 2 – Now What

If you have successfully migrated your courses from Moodle NG (1.9+) to Moodle 2 as described in this blog post entitled Migrating Course to Moodle 2, you are now ready to “import” information from your migrated course(s) into a future section of your course(s) in Moodle 2. To assist you with importing in Moodle 2, which is a current feature of Moodle 1.9+, the Office of Moodle Support has created a video, Migrate from Moodle 1.9 and Import into Moodle 2. This video demonstrates the steps to import your data once it has been migrated from Moodle 1.9+.  You may be asked to log into Moodle 2 to view this video. Please do so and the video should begin immediately.

Additional information on using Moodle 2 may be found in the Learn How to Use Moodle link in Moodle 2. Click on the link and log into Moodle 2 to access this help page. Also, Moodle 2 help videos are being created and posted to YouTube on the Office of Distance Learning’s channel within the Moodle 2 playlist (click here).

3 thoughts on “I Migrated My Courses to Moodle 2 – Now What

  1. It is a real shame that there is no alternate link to Moodle 2 from Ulink, when there are connection problems from there. It seems that somebody is not doing their job. Just so you know, making things work is doing your job. Posting blog stuff looks like it, but is not. Why do we not have somebody who understands these things in charge? Good old UhelL — money wasted on things that sound good, but do not work and the snake-oil salespersons associated with the same!

    • I can sympathize, nothing is worse than something you expect to behave in a logical way just doesn’t. Some people do have trouble remembering the specific web address for websites they visit daily. But a really good solution in the future would be to go to your favorite search engine and perform a basic search of the internet for what you are looking for. Google is amazing like that, it’ll even auto correct your spelling! But, you may not remember that web address either. I’m sure, though, that one of the many task bars you have at the top of your browser will have a box in the corner that claims to be linked to Yahoo, but somehow always seems to return advertisements for local singles? Infact, here you go. Here is one for email, , too. The correct links in both cases are the very first ones listed – and all you have to do is tell Google what you want. Isn’t technology wonderful?

  2. Please report any connection problems on ULink via email to ithelp@louisiana.edu.
    Moodle 2 can be accessed at http://moodle2.louisiana.edu.
    Zimbra Email can be accessed at http://zimbra.louisiana.edu.
    Communicating to faculty using multiple medium is part of the role and scope of the Office of Distance Learning. Blogs are one of the communication tools we use.

    Thank you for reading and responding to our blog,
    Dr. Luke Dowden, Director
    Office of Distance Learning

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